Erin has helped me lose 115lbs of my goal. There were times when I would think about giving up when I hit a plateau, but knowing I had an appointment with Erin would motivate me to keep going. I knew she would help me understand why I hit a plateau and adjust my plan to help get past the plateaus. She made me want to succeed and not give up. Besides being outgoing and friendly, Erin is encouraging and motivating. She will be your biggest cheerleader. She will listen and work with you to keep you on track and reach your goals.
— A.U.
Erin is very knowledgeable about taking care of your health and makes the whole experience very fun! She is very motivational and enthusiastic in all you are doing. You feel you are the only person she is working with. Erin is so understanding and caring in knowing this is a hard journey but it will be so rewarding in the long run and you will change for the better. It is so wonderful to have a positive person to cheer you on and help you with all the stresses and rewards along the way.

Making health a top priority is one of the most important things I have done in my life. Taking purposeful action to take care of yourself needs to happen now. We can always get busy and push it off. Don’t put yourself and your health on the back burner any longer. You deserve to take care of you today!
— J.D.
Erin instilled the confidence in me that I needed for a successful transformation. The coaching sessions helped me stay on track because I was held accountable by someone other than myself. I have tried various weight loss methods in the past but had fallen short due to lack of guidance. Erin gave me the tools I needed to see results and believe in the process.
— T.D.
Meeting with Erin for coaching sessions was the most critical part of staying on track with my health goals. Her guidance and education was key to changing for positive and lasting transformation mentally and physically. My biggest challenge was changing my eating habits I had established. It has improved due to education, planning, and actively practicing what Erin set up for my individual plan. The whole focus really was changing my mindset so emotionally and physically I adhered to a better way of life.
— J.S.
Erin did an outstanding job of changing “HOW” I eat now and my lifestyle in general. She definitely coached, without demands - more or less made me decide how serious I was about dropping pounds, as each sneak of a sweet could slow the amount I’d drop! I had to account for my actions each week or every other week during our coaching sessions and I believe that’s why I was very committed to the plan. Even though it has been several weeks now since our last coaching session - Erin is still ringing in my ears!!! So that, IS a true testimonial of how successful she was with me, and I’m sure she will continue to work with others.
— S.D.
Eating out of boredom was my biggest issue. I am learning to substitute the boredom eating with healthier activities thanks to Erin’s coaching. She has a positive attitude and is very knowledgable about all aspects of nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle. She is a very supportive coach, helps you get back on track when you have a bad week, and holds you accountable in a caring way.
— A.B.
Erin is very supportive in whatever is going on with the person she is coaching. I always felt that she understood the place where I was and had encouraging thoughts and words no matter what. I’ve learned that I don’t have to be so hard on myself. This isn’t just about losing weight. It’s about lifelong changes in choices I make. And if I make poor choices, I am able to begin fresh the next day, or the next meal. I feel like the speed at which I’ve lost will help me maintain long term as I am learning how to live with choices I make in what I eat and how I exercise. This isn’t my first weight loss journey, but I’m hoping it’s my most successful one!
— M.S.
Erin makes you feel good about yourself and reinforces the progress you make. The coaching taught me to change my poor eating and physical exercise habits. I learned about good balanced nutrition and changed my mindset about the types of foods I ate. My favorite meals are replaced with new ones that I enjoy even more because I feel better physically and emotionally after eating. Even though I have a hectic schedule, I make time every day to get some type of exercise in.
— B.W.
Erin is a valuable asset to anyone that is working to improve his or her overall health. It has been great working with her, she is very knowledgeable and friendly. She provides practical advice that even the busiest people can incorporate into daily life. [I learned that] small changes can make a big difference over time. I wasn’t sure what to expect with teleconference meetings. They worked well, however, and were certainly worth the time and effort to attend.
— B.N.
Erin puts everyone at ease with her kindness and positive demeanor. Her professional understanding of health and fitness is authentic and makes the plan convincing and easier to follow. Like most good things in life, getting anywhere is best done with a partner, and a knowledgable coach is even better when dealing with something as amorphous as keeping one’s health in order. Even though my goals were hard to meet and keep, your training made the process feel more like a manageable challenge that I wanted to do rather than a grind that I had to do.
— P.S.
I would definitely recommend health coaching sessions for the education they provide on nutrition and overall wellness, as well as the ongoing encouragement, support, and accountability that come with regular sessions with Erin. Learning healthy ratios of proteins to starches, fats and sugars has also been very valuable. Working with a number of my friends as well, Erin clearly developed trusting, caring relationships with her clients, as evidenced by the positive and comfortable way we all interact with her.
— A.K.